New course: Air Tightness and Effective Moisture Management

  on Thursday, 29th January, 2015 - 3:53 pm

New course: Air Tightness and Effective Moisture Management

Do you know enough about the role air tightness testing plays in the construction sector?

Do you need advice on the best way to meet ever-increasing air tightness standards?

Designing and constructing buildings with better air infiltration is now vital, with legislation ensuring that new buildings minimise leakage amounts.

Delivered by Llanelli based Sustainable Building Consultancy, Melin Consultants, ‘Air Tightness and Effective Moisture Management’ is a new BEST course that will give participants the skills and knowledge to confidently approach the challenge of air tightness within buildings and achieve the required standards.

Training will give you up to 24 learning hours, leading to a CQFW Level 4 accreditation and CPD certification. Melin Consultants will deliver the training  via a mixture of classroom activities, on-site practical work and electronic learning. Training dates will take place at venues across Wales’ convergence areas early 2015.

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