Can you deliver Construction Waste Management Training?

  on Wednesday, 24th September, 2014 - 9:32 am

Following research conducted in Wales to identify skills shortages in the built environment sector, the BEST Programme is seeking a Delivery Partner (or consortia of partners) to develop and deliver the following new training courses focusing on Construction Waste Management, aimed at built environment professionals in Wales:

Course 1: Best Practice in Site Waste Management
Course 2: Designing Out Waste
Course 3: Introducing Design for Reconstruction

These course proposals arose from research undertaken to produce the Skills and Training Needs Analyses for the Waste Theme within the BEST Programme, which included a detailed literature review, stakeholder interviews and consultation with construction and built environment individuals and employers. A summary of the Skills Needs Analysis for Waste in Construction is available on the BEST website, click here.

Courses relate to key areas of work identified in the Welsh Governments Waste Prevention Programme 2013, which includes the design of buildings and construction projects; and respond to the Welsh Government’s agenda to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and to encourage a more sustainable built environment in Wales.

Delivery partner benefits

For Delivery Partners, the BEST Programme offers a number of benefits:

An opportunity to expand and develop new markets
An opportunity to develop accredited courses that are industry recognised
An opportunity to develop innovative delivery models
Professional development and networking opportunities for staff
An opportunity to improve business practices

Course Delivery

It is anticipated that the training course delivery will begin from January 2015. Course delivery must be completed by 17 July 2015. It is expected that courses will be delivered multiple times during this period.

Courses must be geographically accessible by participants who live and/or work in Wales’ Convergence areas. This might be achieved by running courses across multiple sites and locations or by the use of e-learning and blended learning methods.

To view the full tender documents and to make an application please register with Cardiff University’s e-tendering Portal, click here.

Tender submission deadline: 12.00pm Noon on 07/10/2014