Can you deliver Building Information Modelling (BIM) training in Wales?

  on Wednesday, 30th July, 2014 - 1:02 pm

The BEST programme is currently seeking a Delivery Partner (or consortia of partners) to develop and deliver 3 new training courses focusing on BIM, aimed at built environment professionals in Wales.

These courses arise from research undertaken to produce the Skills and Training Needs Analyses for the Construction, Energy and Existing Build Themes within the BEST Programme which included a detailed literature review, stakeholder interviews and consultation with construction and built environment individuals and employers. Summaries of these documents will be available on this website early August 2014.

Industry consultation identified that whilst there is some provision relating to BIM in Wales, this is delivered informally. Research undertaken as part of the Build Up Skills UK Project suggests that ‘stakeholders in the building sector strongly argue that there is a need for a greater number of accredited qualifications based on National Occupational Standards (NOS) rather than non-accredited, shorter courses’.

It is proposed that these courses, developed as part of the BEST Programme will, where appropriate, align with the Learning Outcomes Framework developed by the UK BIM Task Group. Courses will need to be developed and accredited as Quality Assured Lifelong Learning and be underpinned by robust assessment and quality assurance.

It is anticipated that the Introduction to BIM course will act as a starting point for learning and the opportunity to progress to additional learning through the provision of basis knowledge and the confidence for individuals to learn more.

The courses to be delivered are:

Introduction to BIM – working title. Level 3
To introduce BIM covering all three stages of the construction process: Design and Plan, Build, Manage and Use.

BIM for Facilities Manager– working title – Level 3
Aimed at participants with a basic understanding of BIM, the course will focus on how BIM supports the facilities management process.

Making BIM work for you working title – Level 4
To give participants an understanding of how BIM can support and enhance the strategic organisational aims within a company or consultancy, helping professionals to make the case for BIM and integrate BIM into business planning.

To view the full tender documents and to make an application, please register with Cardiff University’s e-tendering Portal here

Tender submission deadline: 12.00pm noon on 28/08/2014