Equality and Diversity

Public sector construction contracts are worth more than £37 billion per year UK-wide, which is a considerable 38% of all construction output.

Despite a Government pledge that at least 25% of all Central Government contracts should be awarded to small and medium sized businesses by 2015, many construction SME firms are finding it tough to win public sector work.

Free support to help your business

Having transparent, equitable and inclusive working practices and a working environment based on respect and dignity, can help you demonstrate to the public sector client, or main contractor, that you are able to meet their required standards.

Good performance in this area can assist you when completing any pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ), or completing the Supplier Qualification Information Database on sell2wales.

Business benefits

There are a number of strong business case reasons for having equality and diversity embedded into an organisational culture. The main benefits for companies when they fully embrace equality in the workplace are:

A business’s reputation a good reputation attracts talent and customers from all communities.

Staff recruitment and retention valuing diversity enables you to become an employer of choice.

Productivity staff perform better in organisations that value diversity and are committed to employees’ wellbeing.

Mitigating risks effective diversity management limits the risk of legal challenges and costly awards.

Public sector buyers are looking for performance in the following areas:

A company who can assist them in meeting targets they may have linked to equal opportunities.

A company who can maintain an appropriate public image.

Legal compliance.

The BEST programme is able to provide you with one-to-one support, advice and training, to develop your performance in this area, regardless of your starting point. We can provide you with Equality Policy and HR policy templates.

Training for your staff

In addition to this, any company that engages with our support can access our free online Respect & Inclusion awareness course. This will help you ensure that as an employer you are meeting legal requirements and that your staff are aware of their responsibilities.

How to access this support

The support process begins with the completion of a short online survey to establish your baseline performance. This will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and can be found at:

Alternatively you can contact the Programme Office to arrange a meeting to complete the survey in person or over the telephone:

Tel: 029 2087 0990

Please see the PDF flyers below for further information about the business benefits of Equality & Diversity best practice.

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