Blended learning


Blended learning (sometimes known as ‘hybrid learning’) is an approach to teaching and learning that combines classroom and online education.


Students can learn when and where it suits them. Being able to access online course elements on a computer or mobile device means they can learn at home, in the office or even on-site without needing to spend long periods of time away from their workplace or family.

Blended learning drastically reduces student and teacher travel and the impact this has on the environment. Road transport contributes towards poor air quality, noise disturbance, congestion and accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) a major contributor to climate change (Environmental Protection UK).

It especially helps students living in remote areas, so is fitting for training aimed at people living and working in Wales’ convergence areas.


At BEST we develop our training to fit around you. Many of our courses can be done in bite size sessions and our online learning environment will keep track of where you left off. This means you can do little bits at work, while you travel or at home on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

At BEST we have created a central place online for all our training called BOLT.

BEST BOLT has been designed to bring information to you and to make it available when you need it.

It contains guidance and access to resources and media making for rich, interactive experiences. Through BEST BOLT you will have access to additional reading, case studies, forums, discussions, videos, interactive exercises, samples, images and much more. We believe that blended learning gives you the choice and flexibility to gain the most out of your learning experience.

Attribution: Mobile devices graphic by Ahmed Trochilidae; Construction worker graphic by Wilson Joseph; Car smoke graphic by Jory Raphael (all of