New animated films!

  on Dydd Mercher, 12th Chwefror, 2014 - 11:56 am

New animated films!

Two new animated videos have been released by BEST. Meet Bryn and Meet Sophie introduce a builder and an architect and look at how training through the BEST Programme can improve their business.

The first shows Bryn, a builder from Merthyr, who is concerned about the waste he is throwing in a skip every week, and is keen to learn new skills, such as how learning about sustainability can expand his business.

The other introduces Sophie, who runs an architecture practice, and sends two staff on BEST courses which improve their knowledge and allow them to offer more sustainable solutions to their clients.

“The videos explain the real benefits of BEST in a simple and fun way,” added Dr Gwilliam. “Radish Pictures have been brilliant for us – their videos are creating a lot of interest and helping to get our message out in a way that grabs people’s attention.”

Radish Pictures founder Peter Baynton said: “Finding fun and playful ways to communicate BEST’s message within the constraints we set ourselves proved to be a fantastically rewarding creative process. One of the key ideas was to only do things that were physically possible to do in camera, requiring no laborious post-production efforts. This would give things a bit of a magical feel, as if the pair of hands that control the objects on the desk belong to an amateur conjurer or slight-of-hand artist. It was a really fun project to work on.”

Look out for more excellent animations by the award winning Radish Pictures as part of the forthcoming BEST online course, ‘What sustainability can do for your business.

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