Unlocking the potential of BIM in Wales

Unlocking the potential of BIM in Wales

Unlocking the potential of BIM in Wales

By 2016, the UK Government aims to procure all direct and funded construction projects to BIM Level 2: Is it time you got on board with BIM?

Unlocking the potential of BIM in Wales will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become BIM Level 2 ready by 2016.

Course details

Delivered as a 1-day workshop by industry leading improvement consultants Project Five Consulting, ‘Unlocking the potential of BIM in Wales’ aims to make BIM relevant and understandable to all members of the construction supply chain and building/asset operators.

This course is delivered at CQFW Level 3.

Who should take the course?

BIM affects the whole supply chain therefore this course is appropriate whether you’re a client, main contractor, subcontractor or designer.

Course benefits to you and your employer

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the potential to improve the efficiency of our built assets; both in the construction process and operational use.

You will gain an increased awareness and understanding of BIM across all three stages of the construction process: Design and Plan, Build, Manage and Use.

The course will focus on the principles of BIM and the key stages and occurrences within a BIM project life cycle.

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Course dates

10 June

12 June

16 June

17 June

6 July

7 July

8 July

9 July


This course is fully subsidised for those who live and/or work in one of Wales’ 15 local authority convergence areas.

How to book

In order to attend the course free of charge you must fit the eligibility criteria:

  • Live or work in one of Wale’s Convergence Areas
  • Be employed or self employed
  • Work in construction or allied services
  • NOT work for a Public Sector organisation

In order to ensure the eligibility of delegates, you will be asked to complete a Participant Form and supplementary information to evidence eligibility.

For more information about accredited BIM training or to enrol on an upcoming course, please contact the BEST Events Team at Project Five.

E. Emily Strickland

T. 0151 339 0980


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